Data Strategy

How do you see your business being successful?

We attach the Data Strategy to the success of your business. We start with understanding strategy, metrics you use to measure them (OKRs, KPIs, etc.), and key processes that are part of achieving them and walk backwards from there.

How do we achieve this?

We engage with your business and technology groups to understand and document the current state of operations and assumptions. We also probe and ask about the opportunities and challenges that are here now or yet to come. We then provide this information in a consumable format, such as a visual roadmap that outlines the following:

  • Business Process to Data Source Matrix : IT systems mapped to business processes to better understand dependencies.
  • Data Development Value Chain : A set of processes, practices, and mechanisms that are used to develop, test, and deploy artifacts (Data Pipelines, Data Structures, etc.)
  • Data Architecture : Technologies and associated integration to source, integrate, and curate data.
  • Data Governance : The set of processes and verification mechanisms needed to ensure that metrics and the Data being used are in adherence to the legal (GDPR, COPPA, etc.) and company-wide policies.
  • Data Application Portfolio : We map decisions into a business case for the development of a program.
Data Strategy Img
What is our goal?

To ensure that you can use this roadmap to work with your implementation teams to build out executable project plans and execution goals.