About Us

We founded CX Data Labs to bring a new and holistic approach to Data and Analytics needs. Our mission is to further this craft by providing customized strategy execution services. Rather than just analyzing your strategy, our consultants work hand-in-hand with your teams to customize it and use it to deliver successfully on efforts.

Our Principals have been decision-makers in large global fortune 50 companies. This gives us a unique perspective to help catalyze your customer experience, Data and Analytics, or Technology Modernization journeys. We put our clients first and use our diverse backgrounds to bring forward solutions that can be easily adopted within your organizations.

What do we believe?

We deliver our services practicing the values below

Focus on the clients

We spend time understanding the needs of our clients. Their needs drive every decision we make along the way. If conflicts arise, we keep the focus on doing what is right for the client.

Prepare to be flexible

We believe plans are useless and that planning is everything. We pivot as needed when things change to ensure successful strategy execution.

Be accountable

We do not blame others for challenges that arise. We face them head on and bring solutions to the table.

Set the tone

As leaders, we set the tone. We understand that our actions have broader implications and strive to follow best practices and deliver the highest level of service.

Be courageous

We state our opinions, backed by data openly and respectfully to further the debate and discussion. We are not afraid to express an unpopular opinion at the table, especially if it’s in the best interests of our clients.

Cater to the practitioner

We spend time developing people and creating an environment where they are challenged and can thrive. The needs of our team members are always incorporated into the decisions we make.