Data Platform

How do we build a Data platform?

With so many new software products, SaaS, and PaaS services available in the market today, choosing components to build a Data platform is nuanced.

We engage with your business and technology groups to understand the Data Strategy and Architecture to help you implement your vision. We identify and solve existing capability gaps and tailor the delivery to the specifications of your business. Below are the tangible outcomes we can help you achieve:

  • Architecture and Capacity Planning : We help select the right tools and technologies that best suit your needs. We analyze the use cases and determine the capacity required for development and testing as well as production environments and future expansions.
  • Deploy Platform and Services : We help build the required Infrastructure as Code (IaC) to deploy the Data platform and services at scale.
  • Security & Governance : We define authorization and authentication models.
  • Self-service & Automation : We develop processes/services for easy adoption and onboarding of the platform and ensure that all the infrastructure components are defined through code.
  • Design Principles & Best Practices : We document recommendations for different personas to effectively utilize the Data platforms.
Data Platform Img
  • Monitoring and Support : We build automated processes and alerts to monitor services, track user activity, and minimize unplanned outages.
What is our goal?

To aid organizations to build the most resilient, high-performing, secure, and efficient Data platforms to unlock the value of their Data faster.