Data Engineering

What do you need to build?

We understand your organization’s need to build scalable Data pipelines with rapidly changing Data, varying formats, and volumes in batch or real-time.

How do we engineer solutions?

We engage with your business and technology groups to understand their source and consumption needs and use a continuous iterative process until the customer is able to generate value from the Data.

To achieve this, we provide these deliverables:

  • Source to Target Documentation : We make sure you understand the source systems and provide you with the Data mapping documents from source to the consumption layer with business rules.
  • Data Models : We provide an entity-relationship model that represents Data elements in the landing and integrated Data layers.
  • Data Pipelines : We design a set of processes or tools that are integrated and orchestrated to move Data between the source and target systems with Data transformations by following the DataOps principles.
  • Test Data Harness : We generate test Data to simulate the production Data to minimize errors after production deployment.
  • Monitoring and Support : We build dashboards and metrics to make Data pipelines more reliable and fault tolerant. 
Data Engineering Img
  • Solution Blueprints : We design reusable utilities for processing different ETL scenarios like schema evolution, backward compatibility, slowly changing dimensions, Data reconciliation, etc.
What is our goal?

To help clients obtain quality Data as you need it and to generate maximum value for your analytical needs.